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Event Rules

SMIRC Rules and Expectations

(Please note that the Rules and Expectations may change up to and including the days of the event. Notice will be given if any rules or expectations change during the event. Please contact us with any questions.)

The basic tenents of BDSM community etiquette apply at the Summer Michigan Rope Conference, henceforth referred to as SMIRC or The Event, however we have additional rules in place for our guests’ safety. These rules are non-negotiable. Violation of any of these rules could result in your removal from The Event. When in doubt, just don’t do it or ask a DM or the organizers.

You must be at least 18 years old to attend. You must prove your age with valid government photo ID at check-in.

SMIRC is a private event for ticket purchasers only. Event organizers reserve the right to refuse attendance to anyone for the protection of the group and its members.

Vanilla attire and conduct is required outside the designated event space, as our venue is a public one. Inside the event space, fetish wear is encouraged, and nudity is permitted.

Camera policy: The organizers reserve the right to review your recent photos in the event of a complaint. Stand-alone cameras and recording devices are permitted during photography classes ONLY. During other classes or parties, if you wish to have a picture taken of your scene or handiwork, please speak with a DM or class monitor. A photo can be taken by a DM with your phone to ensure that no one is photographed without consent. Violating this policy will not be tolerated. We understand that people want to memorialize their time, but discretion and privacy will not be compromised.

No alcohol or drug use is permitted. If you appear intoxicated, you will be removed or not be admitted.

No professional BDSM activity (i.e. pro-domming) where money is traded for services is permitted within The Event.

No illegal activity is permitted at The Event, including but not limited to solicitation for sex, pandering, prostitution, illegal drug use, illegal sex acts, or any other illegal activities.

Participation at SMIRC is 100% voluntary and consensual between all parties. You are not required to play or scene at SMIRC.

Attendees are responsible for negotiating their own scenes and play time while at SMIRC. We encourage this negotiation to happen before attendance. Participants in scenes engage in play at their own risk. Any participant may end a scene at any time for any reason.

No means No. No doesn't mean ask again or pester. If you are not invited to touch, talk, taste, etc. then don’t do it. Non-consensual touching is strictly prohibited and will be addressed immediately, and may result in removal or other consequences.

It is a violation of state law (MCL 750.411h) to continue to approach, confront, or contact a person "in disregard of that individual's expressed desire that the contact be avoided or discontinued." If a person requests to be left alone, they have a right to be.

SMIRC has some play furniture available for use. However, each participant is encouraged to bring their own implements and equipment. You will be responsible for any damage to the venue. 

Each participant who brings supplies and implements is responsible for their own equipment. Each participant uses any equipment at their own risk, and is encouraged to inspect and test it out for their own safety.

SMIRC, including its organizers, volunteers, and venue staff, is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Don’t touch other people’s belongings without consent.

Watersports, scat, gun play, vomit play and consensual non-consent are prohibited. If you are using sharper implements such as knives, please keep your knives sheathed and put away until your scene.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow penetration play at the Event due to legal concerns.

After play, please clean up your play area promptly. Please use the disinfectant that will be provided to clean up your play area.

If you are watching, please be mindful and respectful of the scenes going on around you. Please maintain a lower noise level and do not interrupt a scene. Aftercare is part of a scene. If you have a concern about a scene, please speak with a Dungeon Monitor (DM).

Do not leave your bottom unattended during a scene. If you must step away, please notify the DM and appoint a person to watch over your bottom.

We encourage you to negotiate your own safe word prior to a scene. If you don’t have one, or feel the need for additional help, SMIRC’s house safe word is “Red”. Saying “Red” will notify a DM to come to your play area to check in. Play will not resume until a DM determines it is safe and consensual to do so.

If you have a legitimate and/or verifiable safety concern regarding any equipment, attendee, presenter, scene, or class, please feel free to discreetly bring those concerns to SMIRC's DMs or organizers.



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