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History of SMIRC

SMIRC - The Summer Michigan Rope Conference:

The brainchild of two passionate rope partners and educators.


Starting small

SMIRC's first breath of air was November 12, 2016.


It went by the name SEMI (Southeast Michigan) Rope Conference.


Having both come from organizing backgrounds, we were biting on the bit to see this first convention-style event come to life. The prior years has been filled with intensives from fantastic educators in a small setting, SEMI was a double-down on that concept.


The event was challenging on all fronts. We learned from every decision and discussion, from the venue to the vendors. In the end, it ignited an intoxicating spark of possibility that pushed us to dream bigger.

It was held at the notorious Pink Palace in Allen Park.

Growth and direction

SEMI, being the great success it was, solidified the dream factory and induced copious amounts of courage in both of us to go bigger.


In attending the Chicago-based rope convention, Shibaricon (May 21, 2015), we were met with a much bigger conference than SEMI and a vast array of multi-talented rope educators that blew our minds. 

Inspiration began instantly for a larger conference at home, more than one day, more diverse educators, "more" was the goal and so, SEMI grew up to be MIRE (Michigan Rope Expo).

Michigan Rope Expo

MIRE opened to 80 guests August 22, 2019.


It was anticipated that producing and organizing MIRE would have more challenges than SEMI, simply based on the size of the event we wanted to create. SEMI was a single-day, multi-presenter event. MIRE was set to be a multi-day, multi-presenter event.


We diligently worked to set the venue, to create the foundation, and ultimately, to face and overcome  a litany of obstacles that were determined to stop the production. With all of the setbacks,  we maintained the goal of setting the event to the highest standards: presenters who did not have to pay for housing and could focus on teaching and attendees who had a clean and safe environment to come together in.  

The result of seeing the success of MIRE, with all of the challenges it came with, in bringing together a wide array of educators from all walks of life together for three days, cemented the euphoria that happens when you create something larger than yourself.

We had grown as producers and organizers, we had built not only the annual rope conference we wanted to see locally, but we had done so with integrity toward each other and those who made it possible: volunteers.

Event Production Style

Early on, we wanted to be a high quality event for both presenters and attendees alike.


SMIRC 2021

Covid put a halt on our SMIRC 2020 dreams, but that lead to an even more anticipated SMIRC 2021.


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