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The Summer MIchigan Rope Conference or SMIRC for short turns 5 this year!  Come and join in the celebration and fun with a weekend full of education.




We believe laughter and engagement are the best paths to rope education

~Enlightenup and Attnwhor

Well, SMIRC 2023 is in the books and I am truly humbled to get to play my part and thankful for so much. It takes a lot of people to pull something like this off.

To my darling @AttnWhor-69, thank you for working so hard, for handling so much of the business end of things I tend to neglect as I run off to cheerlead and recruit etc... Without you as the co-founder of this crazy idea it just wouldn't happen.

To my dear @wifeywhore-69, thank you for all your amazing work this year for SMIRC, from packing bags for the attendees to driving presenters to holding down the home front and reminding me to go to some of the classes we picked and actually enjoy the wonderful presenters.

To the presenters top and bottom, thank you so much for the content you created and shared with us. @Miss_Acacia@zzafalyssa@SabreHyde@ropeosaur@IPCookieMonster@JD-66@risquee@Lubegirl@SladkiySova@knottily_dressed

Thank you also to @valuableboy@PamFromHR and @Dragons-akasha for stepping up to volunteer as bottoms for the classes at the last minute. Without you, the top would just be standing there by themselves which wouldn't work so well ;-)

Thank you @Oblige@Serene_X@Flynn_Racer for being reliable and trustworthy business partners and hosting us in one of the best venues we could ever hope for.

Also thank you to your staff for working so hard to change garbage bags, stock bathrooms and snacks and toys, wash things between classes, cleaning floors etc.. @GoldenCourtney@Vxyen@-emmie-, yes I saw all your hard work.

Thank you @CynNeko for being present as our consent advocate and sharing about the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and your experience with their training.

Thank you to my myriad of volunteers and former presenters who showed up to TA, run check in, get presenters to and from airports, work security in the parking lot etc... @Fae-Lilith@valuableboy@Flynn_Racer@_MrNobody@ser0tonin_@Midnight_Shibari@Ropedaddy@AuraLee33@Toga@raemorell.

Thank you to @Gene_Atlas for the wonderful surprise present so if need be I can beat it into people that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. I will treasure it.

Thank you to all the attendees for your energy, your excitement to learn and your words of encouragement and the lovely pictures I am seeing everywhere as you remember to tag things #SMIRC2023. Without you showing up with such enthusiasm, I'd just be standing there day dreaming instead of getting to see this happen in my own community.

As you return to your day jobs and life from the conference remember to watch out for drop, it is a real thing. Be kind to yourself, call someone else who was at the conference or send them a message and be kind to them to help sort your thoughts out. Remember to hydrate and eat well and take care of your bodies, you put them through a lot.

I'm very, very, very thankful for and proud of all of you and what we get to accomplish and create together each year with SMIRC. Thank you again for letting me play my role as cheerleader and day dreamer, I'm humbled and honored each and every time when I get to stand there and see it all happen.

Stay safe and kinky - and pay it forward


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